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Brave Story- Breeanna Hill

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My name is Breeanna Hill and I am the wife to Micah, the mother of 3 vivacious little’s ages 5 and under, a working Mommy in the Corporate setting and a small business owner & Published Author of the book series My Unstoppable Mommy Can™.

It is certainly safe to say that I always have something to do be it fueling my children and their increasing appetites or preparing for my official Book Launch in the coming weeks ahead.

My Small Business is currently in the works as it is my desire to see other Unstoppable Mommies write and self-publish literature of their very own. I specialize in Children’s Books and believe there are so many stories left untold given the way people perceive and even approach their individual writing journeys.

I am currently developing an e-book that will set the tone and instruct the writer on how to develop their actual book. My desire is to consult clients throughout this period of time. So excited for what is to come from this venture!

I started my own writing journey as a young girl; but, began my self-publishing journey in 2020! That’s right… smack dab in the center of a pandemic! The Lord is able to use any set of circumstances to ensure His will is done and it has been the smoothest, most enjoyable process with Him at the center.

When it comes to discouragement I have found that the Lord is ever so intentional to surround us with those that will draw out the gold within us in order to launch us into His promises. I believe my journey towards becoming a Published Author is far greater than myself and while imposter syndrome is certainly a “thing” I choose to take Him at His word!

Nonetheless, I have lost some friends along the way. Those I would have never in a million years considered losing and yet, I am okay. I too realize that seasons require different things (even people) and while it stings—I trust Him with everything that is me.

Discouragement will rear its ugly head; but, encouragement will also. There is joy even in the transitioning seasons and my understanding of that alone challenged me to press forward!

My biggest struggle when it comes to being an entrepreneur + mom is rightfully prioritizing all of the many demands. Initially I was spending bountiful hours working on the book and then my oldest little spoke a Word to me. She asked why I work two jobs now and while she didn’t explicitly state that I am not making enough time for her, she did so in a way that a 5 year old might. I heard her loud and clear and have since made a sincere effort to block off what I call ‘sacred time’ on my calendar so that I can be fully present!

Being an Unstoppable Mommy has certainly launched me further into my Why. Prime example is when I’d considered myself as an Author, I’d never considered Authoring Children’s Books. And yet, here we are! So sweet His foresight and purpose for my life, truly!

For those Unstoppable Mommies out there who have so much desire and yet find themselves in a pit of discouragement because of finances, time, support whatever ‘it” is I would beckon you press in! Press in to the Lord’s detailed version of your story. Dream again and DREAM BIG- loudly, unapologetically and with a sincere realization that the best version of yourself is accompanied by a surrender to the Lord’s will.

You were made for SO MUCH and the MORE is readily available for you to tap into!

The most rewarding part of being a mom is two-fold. It’s the honor and humility of being entrusted with gifts so precious and it is also being reminded to see things from a child-like perspective often. These little’s teach me quite a bit!

The hardest of being a Mommy is silencing the enemy just as swiftly as the lie presents itself. Mom guilt is real, especially when you’re wearing multiple hats. I find great solace in knowing that HE CHOSE ME to raise, love and nurture them. That never gets old!

Motherhood for me is a dream come true. With my two girls and baby boy in tow, I am that much closer to fulfilling my God dreams. They are additives, certainly not inhibitors and I am grateful that I can encourage other Mommy’s to become just as Unstoppable!


Photo credit: Jennifer Altman (@jennifer_altman_photography)
Instagram: @breeanna_hill
Book Title: My Unstoppable Mommy Can Cook

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