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Brave Story-Lauren Mitchell

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I'm Lauren.

A Wife, mom of twins and a bonus daughter, a respiratory therapist and a photographer. It started when we made our move from Louisville Kentucky to the Seattle area. We moved for my husband's job but I felt a little directionless. But I had a beautiful new area and cute kids always around. I used the last of my saved up personal money and bought my camera on Offer Up. It started off as a way to document and adventure. Before I knew it, I was taking pictures of friends and their kids. I realized that I wasn't lonely anymore. My camera became my friend and it opened so many opportunities to connect with others. 

Eventually I got a job in my trained career as a respiratory therapist but my desire actually burned to be with people in a creative way. That's what made my heart soar. Yet being a mom, a wife, a respiratory therapist and a budding entrepreneur made for a challenging time. 24 hours in a day never seems like enough. Learning to realize my dreams to be a business owner felt painful at times. That meant I left my kids more. I left my home duties more to put my heart into what I loved. Mom guilt--it's a real thing. Although sometimes the thoughts are vicious I believe in challenging them to find joy. My girls became my motivators. I have now been able to cut hours at the hospital and can volunteer more at my girls school. Be with them an extra day a week and spend more time in my home. They see me doing what I love and have even gotten to take more adventures because of the income and flexibility it affords me. They're my best cheerleaders. And they're going to watch me leave a career that's comfortable for the life that's full of challenge and adventure. That makes me proud. 

Mama, what makes your heart soar? Have you slowed down to listen to it? You matter too. Your children first deserve a happy mom. Are you happy doing what you do? Them seeing you pursue your dreams gives them the courage to pursue their own. It's a learned behavior. Please don't feel guilt or shame- rather know that you're doing it out of love. And just like Van Gogh said, "anything done in love is done well". Go after it, sister! 

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