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Our Story


I am Judy, mama owner of Brave Gals. I grew up in Taiwan and moved to the USA when I was 17 years old. Was it a big change? Totally! But I am grateful for the change that has shaped me into the woman I am today. I come from a very strict culture regarding as to what a mother's role should be. Now, here I am, breaking all barriers and expectations of the culture and society where I once grew up in. From becoming an entrepreneur while I raise my family, to becoming an adoptive mother to my beautiful boy Nathan.

Today, I bring to you something that started from my own experience but also is the heart of so many families. Becoming a mother, transitioning into parenthood is a journey. A journey that isn’t celebrated enough and stories that aren’t told as much. Brave Gals is here to change that, to create a community for you and to give back to kids who are in search of finding their families and happiness.

Will you join me?