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We’re a company that seeks to innovate motherhood. We empower moms to know that their dreams, time, passions are all valid. We also want to bring the community together to raise awareness and give back to something very dear to our hearts, which are foster care and adoption.

Foster care and adoption are each a real process, it’s a long, challenging and at times very emotional. But just like any parenthood journey, it’s very rewarding to be intimately part of a child's journey and share hope and love.

Today, we feel inspired. Inspired by our own journey, every parent going through this process and by these kids and the stories they lived. We’ve seen and experienced a reality that’s not talked about enough. We saw the list of thousands kids that are still waiting to find their own home. A 10% of our proceeds will be donated to foster care and adoption. These causes help kids and young adults receive the support they need as they are in the search of their families. 




MISSION: Brave Gals isn’t just an apparel business, it’s a movement. It empowers motherhood through community building. Together, we support causes around adoption and foster care to create better opportunities for both kids and families as they go going through this process.

1.- Empowering motherhood.
2.- Raise awareness about adoption and foster care.

VISION: Break barriers, end taboo parenthood and empower women

2020 IMPACT: 10% of each t-shirt sold will be sent to Me & Korea a non-profit organization center that works with Angel’s Heavens an orphanage that provides care for 80 or more children and young adults.



- Innovation

- Integrity

- Drive